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About The Author

Eva Jo Sombathy, twin to Neva Clark. Eva is giving hope of healing to those affected by a complicated loss. Through her writings in her book, A Me Without We- A Collection of Stories and Resources on Twin Life, Twin Loss, and Twinless Living, Eva shows others how to use courage, bravery and forgiveness to begin healing.

Eva has continued to grow in writing with her children’s books. The Adventure of Twins series is a collection of relived adventures Eva and Neva had growing up. Whimsical and fully illustrated with great adventures for children 3-10.

“Working in the field of organ, tissue and eye donation has given me the opportunity to work with the families of donors as well as recipients of life-saving and life-enhancing gifts. I wrote Roby in hopes that even our younger readers can learn about the gift of life. Roby teaches that even after death you can choose to give life to others by being a donor and telling your family about your wishes.”- Eva Jo Sombathy